The Course: Fun & Learning

learn to program video gamesThis Fun & Learning course is split into different sections. The following paragraphs will cover just a few of the areas we will cover in the camp, but please don't be alarmed if they sound a bit 'deep'. A key objective is Learning whilst having Fun and so we teach these concepts often in a light hearted and interesting way aimed at your student's level, whether they be aged 7 or 17.

We pride ourselves in offering a dynamic course that will be tailored to the students' strengths and needs. Part of the course structure includes: Learning about Game Development, Game Analysis, Discussion and Feedback sessions, Quality Assurance ( Game Testing), Game Theory and Practical Application, but within that structure we offer a very free flow and interactive syllabus. Depending on the age demographics and the general consensus of what aspect the group wishes to focus on, the camp instructor has the ability to customize the weeks activities to ensure that the students gain the maximum benefit that he feels possible within their level.

Some students will be expert gamers, up to date with the latest Xbox One and are hungry to have some gameplay action against other skilled opponents. Thus the students will be delighted to hear that there will be a Competition with Trophy Award and it also ensures that the students have the opportunity to proudly show off their skills.

Many students will be fascinated about the history of the games industry and we will show them games from the 1980s up to 2019, enriching their understanding of how the video games industry is driven to continually improve and enhance the user experience both with technological innovation and with developing a deeper understanding of the psychology of computer games. Students will get to play some of these retro games and gain an appreciation of just how clever the game play mechanics were and how clever use of imagination made up for the lack of graphical prowess shown in modern games.

Students not only will they be learning about the game development process, but will be analyzing the ergonomics of gameplay from the shapes of the controllers to the informational layout of the screen. This is all done in a positive and uplifting manner with a focus on positive reinforcement and teamwork.

One of the key objectives of the camp, will be to contribute towards the creation of a computer game of their own design. Obviously this will be a non commercial game, however the students will have something to proudly show their peers and display their accomplishments.

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