Following current Florida State advice, we will be holding the Summer Camp as per normal.
However, some extra precautions will obviously be taken. Contact us for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of common questions and answers. If your question is not covered here, simply send an email or phone us. Contact details are on our Video Game Summer Camp Contact Page

Q1. Do you accept girls as well as boys?

Absolutely Yes! The course has girl students and the number of girls playing computer games has exploded over the last few years with many females seeing the Computer Games Industry as a very serious career choice. There are very successful game publishers run by women and more women are developing games than ever before.

Q2. Will my child be playing very violent video games?

Your Enrollment Forms, will have an age rating section to complete. We do not supply the students with 'M' rated games. If you select an age rating then we shall endeavor to ensure your child will only be playing video games that are age rated appropriate. However, due to class sizes, venue and other factors your child may possibly see another game being played at a higher age rating.

Q3. Will the student just be sitting playing video games all day?

No, this course is not just about playing computer games, it is learning about computer games and the video game industry in general. Topics such as "How to Design a Computer Game", " How to create a computer Game", " What makes a good Computer Game" and the "Ethics of developing a computer game". The student will then have the opportunity to apply what they have learned and contribute to making an actual video game.

Q4. Is lunch and snacks provided?

The Hotel does not allow us to provide lunch/snacks as they serve food. However, they have agreed to allow students to bring their own packed lunch/snacks. They also sell various snacks such as drunks and chips etc.

Q5. Can you administer medicines?

No. However, parents/guardians can drop by any time to administer a medicine (to your child only), please inform us via the Enrollment Form Medical Questionnaire.

Q6. Can my child take in personal belongings e.g his favorite video game, console or peripheral?

Yes. However, please note that there are no locker facilities and responsibility for looking after the student's personal belongings is the sole responsibility of the student. No storage or supervisory responsibilty will be borne by us and we will not be responsible for any damage or loss whatsoever.

Q7. What are your opening times?

Our opening times are shown on the Video Game Summer Camp Rates and Times table.

Q8. Can my student arrive earlier or leave later?

It may be possible to allow for an earlier or later drop off. Please contact us to discuss options and get a revised rate for the extended time.

Q9. Are week-ends included?

No, the camp runs from Monday to Friday.

Q10. Do you provide accomodation?

No, we do not provide accommodation, this is a Day Camp.


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